Sustainability—Clearly Linked to Profitability

IMTS 2016 Technology eNewsletter

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“Sustainable manufacturing” means placing a minimal demand on natural resources or causing the least possible damage to the environment. Because energy is the biggest demand created by manufacturing on natural resources, reducing energy consumption has become a priority for manufacturers. Attendees at IMTS will see numerous examples of how suppliers of manufacturing technology are developing ways to help users sustain the environment as well as support the profitability of their operations. Look for these characteristics:

  1. Accurate, real-time measurement of energy consumed by each step of a process will be linked to a specific machine component or subsystem.

  2. Process streamlining and optimization will significantly reduce energy usage.

  3. Automatic “standby management” will turn off or idle coolant pumps, generators, fans, chillers, lights and other subsystems when not needed.

  4. OEMs will use machine components and structures that can be produced using less energy.

  5. Energy efficiency will be seen as a key factor in total cost of ownership.

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