Turning Takes a New Direction: June 2017 Digital Edition

The latest issue of Modern Machine Shop covers topics such as turning in two directions, machining versus fabricating, and machining stainless steel molds.


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Click on the photo above to read the June 2017 digital edition.

Without a prior explanation, an observer of a live turning demonstration might declare that the tool in the demo lathe is cutting in the wrong direction, exactly opposite of the usual practice. How is this possible? June’s cover story explores a methodology for cutting in both normal and “reverse” directions on a CNC lathe that promises to make turning a much more productive operation in certain applications. New types of inserts driven by new CAM tool paths are key enablers of this development, but implementing the whole multifaceted system as a system is essential.

Also in this issue of Modern Machine Shop:

  • Although machining and fabricating are different, ISO certification and ERP implementation helped this shop bring the two processes together, while also managing the differences between these two types of work.
  • When graphite molds wouldn’t cut it for a manufacturer of hand-blown drinking glasses, this shop machined more durable stainless steel molds to create the famous mountainous shapes that emerge from the bottom of its customer’s nifty drinkware.

Our digital edition lets you flip through or download the entire magazine for viewing on your devices. Besides the articles mentioned above, you’ll find case studies, industry news, upcoming events and more.