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2/4/2005 | 1 MINUTE READ

Two Machines In One Grinding System

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A machine design mating two grinders together, with one control for the set, saves cost and floorspace compared to two separate machines.


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If one machine tool is not enough to complete a part, there may be an option short of purchasing two machines in their entirety. The "Juflex" system of grinding machines from Junker (Dayton, Ohio) consists of two grinders mated together. The combination commands less floor space than two separate machines would require. The combination also saves cost; only one control unit is needed

Work handling connects the two machines. Three grippers move together along a common rail. As the one gripper moves work to the first grinder, another gripper transfers work from the first grinder to the second, and a third gripper takes the finished work away from the second machine. The fact that these transfers occur in unison presents a challenge in using these machines, but the challenge is similar to that of any application using multiple machine tools in series. That is, the cycle times need to be balanced in order for both machines to be used efficiently.

One appropriate application of this system is rough grinding on one machine and finish grinding on the next. The company says it can apply the mated-machine concept to grinders capable of OD, contour, form and camshaft grinding. Multiple-spindle grinders can also be used, employing up to three spindles per machine (or six spindles in all).

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