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Read about the Industrial Internet of Things, among other stories, in the September issue of Modern Machine Shop.


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When everything is connected to everything else, manufacturing will have a very different face.

The cover story for our September 2015 issue describes seven things you should know about the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. The IoT is the intelligent connectivity of smart devices by which objects can sense one another and communicate, thus changing how, where, and by whom decisions about our physical world are made. Manufacturing companies are currently implementing this “intelligent connectivity of smart devices” in their factories and on the shop floor. To distinguish these applications of the IoT from those among consumers and other realms, the term Industrial Internet of Things is often used. Read more here.

Also in this issue:

  • How a high-feed cutter helped a manufacturer in the oil and gas industry shift from development to high-production mode;
  • When nobody knew how to program a CNC machine, this shop used a custom app that enabled its operators to develop the required code;
  • Faced with the challenge of having to quickly deburr cast iron end caps to ship for assembly, this company opted for the hottest method available: incinerating burrs in a 6,000°F flash;
  • How a “Spirograph” generates face grooves on a machining center;
  • A look at some of the products on display at the upcoming Westec and EMO shows.

Read the full issue here.