Waterjet Technology Moves Further into 3D

Visitors to Omax's booth can learn how Intelli-MAX 18 waterjet machines support up to six axes of coordinated motion (X, Y and Z, two tilt and one rotary).

Waterjet machines have always been particularly effective in cutting complex 2D shapes from various types of flat material. However, many of today’s waterjet machines now offer 3D cutting capability to machine more complex workpieces from thicker stock. To simplify this type of work, Omax has developed its new Intelli-Max 18 software that is says provides programming power and features that deliver increased compatibility, expandability and customizability for 3D part processing.


Visitors to the company’s Booth N-6228 can learn how Intelli-MAX 18 supports up to six axes of coordinated motion (X, Y and Z, two tilt and one rotary). New programming features expand the capabilities of an Omax JetMachining center to optimize the cutting of parametric shapes. Supplied parametric shapes within the software eliminate programming redundancy and simplify production, as well as provide the capability to create shapes that were previously impossible or extremely difficult to generate. The company says such enhanced functionality enables manufacturers to quickly program and cut 3D patterns for the peripheries of tubes and pipes, for fitting operations to prep cuts and bevels, and more. 


The Intelli-MAX software is free to all existing Omax JetMachining center owners. Visit the company’s booth in the North Hall to learn more.


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