Webinar: Easy CNC with Sinumerik Operate: Part 3—Programming Options and Commonality

A free webinar on Thursday, August 22 from Siemens explains programming options for machines with Sinumerik CNCs, including ShopMill, programGuide, CAD/CAM & ISO-compatible mode.

The third installment of this Siemens webinar series is intended to show machine tool users how similar the functionality is between creating programs in ShopMill, G-code with programGuide mode, importing from a CAD/CAM system, or running programs previously created for an ISO-style control. The webinar, which will be presented on Thursday, August 22 at 2:00 PM EDT, will take one part example show it programmed in all four ways. It will then run each of them in auto mode. Once completed, attendees will have an excellent understanding of what it takes to program and run a Siemens Sinumerik CNC from programs created both inside and outside of the control.

Primary topics include:

• Program and simulate an example in ShopMill
• Program and simulate an example in G-code with programGuide
• Import, edit and simulate programs created in a CAD /CAM system
• Import, edit and simulate programs created in a ISO-compatible CNC control

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