Webinar: Software Productivity Tools for Manufacturing Efficiency and Profitability

A free webinar explains how software-based productivity tools can provide real-time plant floor knowledge needed to make intelligent decisions, identify inefficiencies and streamline processes.

A free webinar presented by "Modern Machine Shop" and MAG explains how you can empower your team with the real time plant floor knowledge needed to make intelligent decisions, quickly identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and streamline processes to minimize costs and maximize profitability. Learn how to leverage software based productivity tools from the MAG Delta 4 group to create transparency across your enterprise. The Freedom eWARE Suite collects relevant data from any industrial asset 24 hours a day, and converts it into insightful information through a series of Web Based Reporting Tools.

The hour-long webinar covers how plant floor assets are connected as well as data collection, reporting and analytics for improving productivity, enabling predictive maintenance strategies and maximizing profit.

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