Webinar: Unlocking Productivity Potential from Existing Design Tools, CNC Machines and Tooling.

A free webinar sponsored by SolidCAM on Wednesday, August 28, will feature a live machining demo and showcase techniques for increasing CNC machine throughput, reducing cycle time, extending tool life and simplifying CNC programming techniques.

Manufacturers need to get the absolute maximum out of each and every aspect of their shopfloor operations to stay profitable and competitive. However, many are not fully aware of the productivity increases they can achieve using their current tooling and equipment. A webinar sponsored by SolidCAM on Wednesday, August 28 at 2:00pm EDT will feature live CNC cutting to showcase techniques for major increases in CNC machine throughput with reducing cycle time, extending tool life, simplifying CNC programming techniques and automatically calculating optimum machining parameters. It will highlight secrets of cutting costs and cycle times and machining harder materials while using far less cutting tools.

Primary topics include:

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