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View on-demand webinars that cover topics including 3D printing, machine monitoring technology, tool shop optimization and CAM's impact on profitability.


CAM Software and Your Profitability

From Gibbs & Associates

There are times when CNC machine shops must decide whether to replace or upgrade their CAM system. These shops can use traditional selection methods of letting programmers pick their favorite CAM brand or going with their favorite CAM salesman’s recommendation. However, CAM software has grown beyond being a personal productivity tool—it impacts shop profitability on a number of levels. It has the potential to reduce costs far beyond simply reducing part programming time. Gibbs & Associates will cover these and other topics as it and Modern Machine Shop host this webinar on CAM software and profitability.

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Reducing the Cost of Innovation Design through Reuse and Adaptation

From Siemens PLM Software

According to a recent Aberdeen Group survey, 46 percent of companies are pursuing the ability to act better to create, capture and re-use product knowledge as a way to increase product revenue while controlling costs. Companies that have taken this approach have realized significant economic benefits and competitive advantage in global markets by improving quality, speeding time-to-market and becoming more cost-competitive. This webinar will discuss and demonstrate how to address the following reuse challenges:

  • Ability to find existing data
  • Ability to make ad hoc changes to existing data
  • Ability to develop and design reusable parts and templates
  • Ability to adapt geometry for efficient and seamless use by downstream processes

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Tool Shop Optimization Case Studies: Survival of the Quickest

From Cimatron Technologies

It might seem a paradox, but as the economy slows down, it’s the quickest that survive and position themselves for future growth. Join us for this web seminar and learn first hand how winning mold and die makers are able to use their speed to produce high quality tools at lower cost, respond to customer schedules and last-minute changes, be more aggressive in their quoting (and produce quotes quicker) and better position their businesses to withstand the pressure of overseas competition.

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Access Business Group Leverages 3D Printing For Quick-Turn Injection Molding Tools

From Objet Geometries

Randy Betz of Access Business Group and Neil Ranney of Objet Geometries discuss how Access Business Group is using 3D printing technology to deliver high-quality, functional product prototypes for their customers to fully evaluate and test. This enables customers to greatly reduce upfront tooling costs and post-production costs for engineering changes, while increasing the satisfaction with their product.

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miView: A New Perspective On Machine Performance

From GE Fanuc

In today’s environment, you must control production costs – but not at the expense of performance. Fortunately, there are still untapped opportunities for manufacturers to reduce operational costs by increasing uptime, improving quality, reducing waste and increasing capacity without adding new machines. GE Fanuc has just introduced miView – a revolutionary machine intelligence software solution designed to help you get more out of your existing equipment. This free webinar shows operations leaders, maintenance managers and CNC operators in your facility how they can improve machine performance without adding significant costs.

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