What Do Manufacturers Want in Training?

A regional association asked that question of its member machining businesses, and developed a program aimed at meeting those needs.


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What do machining facilities want in training for employees? What do they lack in the training options available right now?

TMA, the regional manufacturing association based in the Chicago area, recently asked that question of its members. The association was opening a new headquarters facility and would be equipping a training shop there.

Beyond the training provided by local community colleges (which can be quite good), the member manufacturers said they also wished to find:

  • Accelerated training able to quickly equip capable unskilled employees with basic CNC skills;
  • Specialized training in advanced capabilities—five-axis machining and Swiss-type machining—for employees who already have a foundation more basic CNC equipment; and.
  • Training that features a diversity of different companies’ controls.

TMA recently launched a training program that is now meeting these needs. The development came not long after the association had come close to abandoning training altogether. Read about the reinvention of training at TMA.