What Key Factors Set a Vertical Machining Center Apart from the Rest?

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There are hundreds of vertical machining center (VMC) builders to choose from, and their spec sheets often look the same. Here are a few key factors that can help differentiate one VMC from another.  


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There are hundreds of CNC vertical machining center (VMC) builders to choose from, and often their spec sheets look pretty much the same. Here’s how to differentiate one from another.

Rapid Rates

In-cycle non-cutting time mainly comprises rapid-traverse moves and tool changes. The rapid rate is always on the spec sheet, but just as important is the axis acceleration/deceleration rates because they determine how quickly max speed can be achieved. If moves are small, the real rapid rate may not matter at all, but larger moves (and parts) can, indeed, be consequential.


With horsepower, what really matters is not the top HP number on the spec sheet, but how much power the machine can generate across the entire speed range. For example, a machine might claim a 30-HP rating, but may only be able to achieve that at a single point in its speed range.


Available torque at the low end can ultimately make a huge difference in achievable metal removal rates…READ MORE.