Write About Your Shop in MMS's "The View from My Shop" Column

Tell us about machine shop management and the challenges involved in the technology and business of machining from your point of view.


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One of the most exciting pieces of content I get to edit for Modern Machine Shop is a column called “The View from My Shop.” That’s because the story of manufacturing, when told by you, the person living it, is powerful.

The passion for this work is evident in each thought-provoking, entertaining installment of this column, and we’re always hoping to find some new voices to rotate into our lineup. That voice could be yours!

Each installment is a perspective on some aspect of managing a machine shop or a lesson learned by a person involved in leading the shop. This person is typically a shop owner, sometimes a manager or shop lead. The subject matter could be anything directly relevant to the big picture or the small details of overseeing a metalworking facility or succeeding as a metalworking business. For example, what have you learned about...

  • equipment acquisition?
  • employees?
  • workflow through your shop?
  • different machining technologies?
  • handling good business conditions?
  • handling poor business conditions?

Anything that prompts an idea or insight a shop owner would like to explore and share might be appropriate for this column.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past:

Please contact me at eprobst@mmsonline.com with the subject line “The View from My Shop” if you would like to contribute your story. I can’t wait to see what’s on your mind.