You May Be *This Close* to Being Named a “Top Shop”

Here’s how to give your business the best shot at being named a “Top Shop.”


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Each of last year’s 10 Top Shops received an award like this one.
I really appreciate those who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this year’s Top Shops benchmarking survey. If you were one of the participants who provided answers to many of the survey questions, then your company has a strong chanced of being named a “Top Shop” for 2012. That’s because in order to identify the best of the best, we need a healthy amount of info about your shop’s process and its financials (remember, all of this data will remain confidential).
On the other hand, if you started the survey but haven’t had time to complete many of the questions, I understand. However, I encourage you to revisit the survey and fill in as many unanswered questions as possible. This will greatly boost your chances of being recognized as a “Top Shop” and being profiled in an upcoming issue of Modern Machine Shop. Besides, you’ll need to have that information on hand anyway to compare your numbers to those in the benchmarking data reports you’ll receive.
Although some survey questions ask for data from a few years ago, focus on providing information from 2011. This will cut down on the time it takes to complete the survey. And remember, you still have the option of filling out the survey by hand and faxing or mailing it to us. A pdf of the survey can be downloaded from the survey site with instructions for doing that.

Don’t forget, the survey ends on February 15, so don’t let the opportunity of being recognized as a “Top Shop” slip by.