Your Chance to Affect Policy Change

Complete the U.S. Manufacturing Reshoring Study survey to provide politicians with insights into how much manufacturers offshore and what drives them to do so.


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Plante Moran and the Reshoring Initiative are soliciting the participation of businesses in a U.S. manufacturing reshoring study. Survey responses will provide insights into how much manufacturers offshore, what drives them to do so and what U.S. policy changes could motivate them to reshore.

According to the Reshoring Initiative, more manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States than are going offshore for the first time in decades. However, about 4 million manufacturing jobs have still been offshored over the last decades, based on the $500 billion U.S. trade deficit. The Reshoring Initiative concludes that about 25 percent of these jobs are reshorable at current levels of U.S. competitiveness. The survey will look at the mix of policy changes needed to reshore the other 75 percent.

Manufacturers and distributors can complete the survey online until February 20, 2018. Findings will be shared with the White House, Congress and survey respondents.

The Reshoring project has also joined forces with Intellilink to in the Back Office Processing (BOP) process, in an effort to drive reshoring of office functions.