Zero-Point Magnetic Chucks for 5-Axis Milling

The Zero-Point system combines pallet changing and magnetic chucking into a single integrated unit. 


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Minimizing the number of operations and part set-ups is well recognized as a key component for accuracy and productivity.  Palletized systems allow parts to be run over multiple machines fully automated – finished piece in one set-up.   Keys to these systems are pallets that automatically lock in-place with extreme precision and workholding that can present 5-sides of a part clear for machining.

Zero-Point systems solve pallet changing – magnetic chucking solves workholding.

The new NG-ZP chucks combine these technologies into a single integrated unit.  A part loaded on a magnetic ZP pallet can be stored, handled robotically and processed through multiple operations without ever breaking the original set-up.  Single set-up, ultimate accuracy, maximum productivity!


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