Machining Suppliers of the Future Will Be Both Bigger and Smaller

By: Peter Zelinski

When we look for Top Shops in the years to come, what will we find? Through acquisition they’ll scale up and with technology they’ll scale down.
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How Champions Can Develop a Thriving Workforce

By: Lori Beckman

Having a workforce development champion in your shop is more critical now than ever before. Here are five techniques your champion can apply to attract and retain new talent.

Metalworking Index Contraction Slows for Fourth Straight Month

By: Michael Guckes

Index components continue to move toward 50, led by production and new orders

Why Is It Okay to Fire a Customer?

By: Aneesa Muthana, Co-Owner and President, Pioneer Service Inc.

Standing up for your employees shows that your company values are more than just words on a wall.

Five-Axis Machining Centers

Standardization Leans the Way to High-Mix Automation

By: Matt Danford

An increasingly digitalized, lean manufacturing process begins with a common selection of cutting tools and five-axis machining fixtures.  
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IMTS Spark and IMTS Network Connect the Manufacturing Community Digitally

By: Jenny Rush

IMTS offers two digital platforms for manufacturers to connect, network and grow: IMTS Spark and IMTS Network.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

All Top Shops Are Winners

By: Matt Danford

Standing out in one category is not enough to earn a spot among the highest-performing CNC machining businesses.
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When Machining Lights Out Leaves Nothing Out

By: Matt Danford

A Top Shops honors program winner strives to ensure every part crosses paths with a robot, cobot or pallet changer.

Benchmarking Becomes a Call to Action

By: Matt Danford

A means of measuring performance evolves into a tool for catalyzing change as Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops program matures.


Adaptive Technology Opens CNC Shop Opportunities

By: Derek Korn

VR goggles integrated with a camera give a legally blind young woman 20/20 vision and the chance to be a machine shop’s second-shift quality control lead.

Top-Tier Culture Keeps Top Shop Staffed

By: Matt Danford

Interpersonal harmony, personal accountability, peace of mind, and an inner drive to improve help this shop compete in a tight market for CNC machining talent.

A Sense of Purpose and Belonging: People Drive Company Growth

By: David May, president and owner, Trinity Precision

Tips for creating an employee-centric business. 
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