Monitoring the State of Tool Monitoring

By: Mark Albert

Digital technology that enables tool changes to be triggered by data-driven predictions of tool wear rather than part counts also is opening the door to other opportunities for optimizing production. A look at in-the-field applications shows that advanced tool monitoring is a step toward plant-wide digitalization.

June 2020 A Strong Month for Machine Tool Orders

By: Steven Kline, Jr.

The month-over-month rate of contraction in machine tool unit and dollar orders slowed sharply in June. The annual rate of contraction may be near or at a bottom.


Integrated CAM Software Automates Data Transition From Engineering to Production

By: Emily Probst

By switching to CAMWorks software, Decimal Engineering was able to boost its throughput and quality while saving time and money.  

Five-Axis Machining Centers

Growing a Job Shop into a Full-Service Manufacturer

By: Julia Hider

By maximizing employee satisfaction, adding fabrication and other services, and always keeping open machine capacity, Square Deal has grown from a seven-person job shop to a full-service manufacturer that employs hundreds.

Metalworking Business Activity Reports Additional Slowing Contraction

By: Michael Guckes

July data extends the slowing contraction trend initially reported in May.

Machining Centers

A More Affordable Approach to 5-Axis Large Part Machining

Shops that machine large aluminum parts don’t have to pay millions of dollars for a machining center just to get the work envelope they need. There is a more affordable alternative, and it’s manufactured in the USA.


Portable Surface Gaging in a Production Environment

By: George Schuetz

Handheld portable surface gages are easy to use. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges when scanning hundreds or even thousands of parts. 

Machining Centers

Mazak Leaders Share Observations of Machine Tool Market During Uncertain Year

By: Peter Zelinski

Cybersecurity, hybrid machines, automation and the state of the market among the topics addressed. Virtual event with product launches to be held August 11.

CNC & Mach Controls

How To Reference Custom Macro Variables by Name

By: Mike Lynch

FANUC now enables CNC users to reference custom macro system variables by names in addition to hard-to-remember numbers. Here’s how.

CNC & Mach Controls

5 Mistakes We Find in Most CNC Programs

By: Mike Lynch

While the mistakes listed here will not sound an alarm or cause a program to fail, they will cause confusion, wasted time and scrap parts.

Are Employees Really Replaceable?

By: Tim Sanders, Operations Manager, Titletown Manufacturing

Although an individual might consider themselves to be replaceable, an organization should not see their employees that way.
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Vertical Machining Centers

5 Hard Lessons from a 28-Year-Old Startup Machine Shop Owner

By: Peter Zelinski

Good fortune and years of long working hours have both figured into the success of this young shop, which became its founder’s sole employment starting last year. The shop owner shares his story.