Data-Driven Manufacturing

Machine Monitoring Circles Back to Basics

By: Matt Danford

Deeper insights from more varied data are no replacement for manufacturing fundamentals. 

Hope Is an Asset: Here Are Machine Shops Following Clear Visions for the Future

By: Peter Zelinski

A simple strategy offering a clear aim to hope for is particularly valuable during a disruptive time. Recently posted articles offer examples of shops following clear ideas for the way ahead.

Cutting Tools

Cutting Tool Orders May Have Reached Low Point

By: Steven Kline, Jr.

The pandemic accelerated the contraction in metalworking and extended the accelerating contraction in cutting tool orders. But, the GBI: Metalworking indicates the lows in cutting tool orders may be in the past.

Cutting Tools

New Metalworking Products from Modern Machine Shop, July 2020

By: Jedd Cole

The latest technology from Bel Air Finishing Supply, Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems, 168 Manufacturing, Select Machining Technologies, and UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Systems

Video: Succession Planning, Stewardship and Generation Change in Machine Shops

By: Peter Zelinski

Leaders of Indiana Precision Grinding describe lessons learned related to succession planning and how the upcoming generation found its commitment to the business.

The Three Pillars of Reliable Machine Shop Productivity

By: Mark Albert

This shop looks for a systematic convergence of three disciplines in production management.


New Applications for Electrochemical Grinding

By: Julia Hider

With advances in control, sensor and automation technology, electrochemical grinding is more accurate and productive than ever, opening up new applications for the traditionally niche process.


Automated Part Setup Maximizes Machine Utilization for Additive Manufacturing

By: Katelyn Arnold

MSP recently worked with Renishaw PLC to automate part setup and improve productivity for 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd., helping cut part setup time from 5 hours to 10 minutes.

Fear Kills More CNC Machining Businesses Than Recessions Ever Will

By: Udo Jahn

Look at hard data to make fact-based decisions.


How To Calibrate Your Calipers

By: George Schuetz

If you’re interested in calibrating your own digital, dial or Vernier calipers, here are some steps to take to make sure it goes off without a hitch.


How to Reduce and Avoid Emissions from Polymer 3D Printing

By: Stephanie Hendrixson

Desktop 3D printers are immensely useful in a machine shop, but can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ultrafine particles (UFPs) that are harmful to humans. Here are some guidelines to install and operate them safely. 

New Systems and Software Products from Modern Machine Shop, Jul. 21, 2020

By: Jedd Cole

The latest technology from DP Technology Corp. - ESPRIT, CGTech, and ANCA CNC Machines