Coronavirus Coverage

Molder/Mold Builder Provides Multi-Level Support of Local Community during COVID-19

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Amanda Wiriya, the Manufacturing Support Manager for Wepco Plastics about the leadership, skills and team that have come together to help their local community during the coronavirus outbreak.

CoVent-19 Challenge Asks Designers and Engineers to Respond to the Ventilator Crisis

This global, open innovation initiative is via Stratasys GrabCAD platform and designed to help develop a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilator.

Composites suppliers, fabricators respond to coronavirus

Companies across the composites industry supply chain share how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their businesses, and how they are available to help.

Dukane Designated as Critical Manufacturer in Coronavirus Response

Among the world’s leading suppliers of plastic welding equipment, Dukane is doing its part during the coronavirus pandemic.

AIMS Metrology Shifts Production to Aid Health Providers

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, AIMS is shifting its machining and metrology capabilities to the manufacture of medical parts.

Coronavirus and Manufacturing as We Enter April

The week of March 23 saw significantly more manufacturers make adjustments to production/capacity as automotive OEMs closed facilities and states closed non-essential businesses.

Manufacturers Are Restructuring Supply Chains as They Brace to Tackle the Needs for Battling COVID-19

As businesses worldwide are forced to close due to COVID-19, manufacturers on the whole face a challenging near-term environment.  Custom processors and additive manufacturers reported relatively better conditions in March as compared to their peers in other manufacturing processes.  This may have been potentially due to their immediate ability to manufacture the goods necessary in the fight against COVID-19.

Need Help with a Molding Project to Counter the Coronavirus?

Expert help at a steep discount, and the fee goes to a COVID-19 related charity.

Mold Builder Looks for Opportunity; Leverages Network to Take on Challenges from Coronavirus

MGS Mfg Group looks at the opportunities the coronavirus presents and tries not to focus on the negative. This mold manufacturer believes in turning challenge into change.

Carmakers in a Quandary about When to Reopen Plants

It starts with worker safety, but there also is increasing uncertainty about demand

Contactless In-Vehicle Fever Testing for Coronavirus

Drive-by testing can help identify potential COVID-19 cases

3D Printing and Coronavirus Check-In - Week of 3/30/2020

In this week's discussion, editors Peter Zelinski and Stephanie Hendrixson discuss face shield visors and masks; ventilator components; and new movement from the FDA on 3D printed devices. 

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