Data-Driven Manufacturing

Mapping the Optimal Path for Machinists

Using data from machine monitoring systems and CNC programs, OPS calculates the most efficient path for operators to take across the shop floor, improving uptime and increasing machines per operator.

Universal Robots Works with Software Company on OPC UA Standardization

Rocketfarm’s URCap software translates information from the UR robot to OPC UA-compatible information.

ShopFloorConnect 6.0 Collects Data from All Machines for OEE Reporting

Version 6.0 of Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect OEE and shopfloor data collection software gathers downtime and production efficiency data from every machine.

CNC Data Feeds Make Social Distancing Easier

Machine monitoring helps work remotely, avoid close contact on the shop floor and prevent underbilling for lights-out machining.

Adding Part Traceability to CNC Machine Monitoring

Focusing on what makes money puts CNC machine monitoring data in context.

After Machine Monitoring, Is Machining Learning the Next Step? Getting Ready for AI in Manufacturing

Is artificial intelligence coming to machine shops? Automatically gathering data is already widespread. Automatically analyzing data is likely the next step. One book offers a useful perspective on what this will and will not mean.

Video: What Will 5G Mean for Machining?

Faster wireless data transfer could bring new possibilities to machining processes. Modern Machine Shop’s "Data Matters" columnist Matt Danford talks about the manufacturing role for 5G.

Siemens Manage MyMachines Offers Entry-Level CNC Machine Monitoring

Siemens’ Manage MyMachines is a cloud-based platform as a service enabling full tracking of machine kinematics as well as production data.

CNC Machine Shop Reaps Benefits of Hiring an IT Person

A database guru combined off-the-shelf technology with an elaborate proprietary shop management software to drive efficiency throughout all areas of a machine shop.

Can Sharing CNC Data Lift the Machining Industry?

Masses of anonymous metrics arrive ahead of even the leading economic indicators and help machine shops benchmark performance.

In a Machine Shop, the Labor of Lean is Data-Driven

Approximating single-piece flow in a job shop environment requires an ongoing commitment to analyzing and acting on evidence. 

What Makes Smart Robots Smart?

How manufacturing technology “thinks,” and the extent to which it should, are critical considerations in applying artificial intelligence intelligently.

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