Data-Driven Manufacturing

Pandemic Proves Value of Manufacturing Software Automation

Fast turnaround of a face shield and a ventilator illustrate the value of digital, data-driven manufacturing processes in responding to the novel coronavirus.

MachineMetrics Offers Machine Monitoring for Free During Coronavirus Pandemic

The plug-and-play monitoring platform is said to support social distancing and remote work through automated data collection, monitoring and analytics.

MTConnect Institute Trustees Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Dr. Stephan Biller is vice president of Watson IoT at IBM, while Dr. Tom Kurfess is chief manufacturing officer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

DMG MORI Invests in the Future by Providing Integrated Solutions

During a recent open house event at DMG MORI’s factory in Pfronten, Germany, the company highlighted advances in digitalization as well as automation and additive manufacturing.

Video: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Manufacturing and Machining

The machine tool monitoring that many CNC machining facilities are doing today could be a first step toward their use of machine learning. In this conversation, MMS’s “Data Matters” columnist Matt Danford speculates on the coming role of AI for refining machining processes.  

EZMaintain's Maintenance Software Communicates with Sensors

EZMaintain’s cloud-based CMMS is designed to help manage assets, schedule breakdown and preventive maintenance, and track work orders from a single dashboard.

Robots Get Hand-Eye Coordination

Artificial vision, touch and intelligence help collaborative robots cope with the unpredictable.

Manufacturing Blockchain Adoption Accelerates

A recent partnership exposes more CNC machining businesses to a technology that could automate the front office.

VocalZoom's Vibration Sensors Operate, Channel Data Wirelessly

VocalZoom’s autonomous sensors combine contactless, high-resolution vibration sensor technology with built-in data processing and wireless communications for low-cost and fast deployment.

Communication Clears Machine Monitoring's Morale Hurdles

When pen-and-paper methods of tracking job efficiency left AccuRounds’ engineers and managers in the dark, the shop switched to MachineMetrics. But machine monitoring brought morale challenges along with it. 

Precision Drive Systems Launches Predictive Maintenance Service

“Our predictive maintenance services maximize machine uptime and part quality by detecting major spindle problems before costly and time-consuming catastrophic spindle failure,” says Allen Turk, president and CEO.

Machine Monitoring Provides an Objective Lens

Automatic, real-time shopfloor data collection tempers the bias that blinds manufacturers to the real reasons for downtime.  

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