A Good Time to Start a Shop?

Brent Long recently founded Maryland Machine in a garage.


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Brent Long recently founded Maryland Machine in a garage. Find his story in the last link below.

There is never an easy time to launch a new business—never a time when the economy opens its arms wide and sweeps the obstacles away from entrepreneurs. However, this interesting commentary argues that the time to launch a new business is now. The writer argues that facilities and capital equipment are cheap, talent is available and the Internet has, in many ways, made it easier than ever to ramp up a respectable business identity.

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Early last year, I shared a question from a reader, and several other readers responded. The question was whether it was still possible to launch a machining business that will succeed, starting with only a small milling machine. Read the responses here. To read a success story of a shop that recently began in a garage, click here.