A Look Inside Fanuc Robotics

A video clip produced after a ceremony celebrating the sale of Fanuc Robotics 100,000th robot in the Americas provides brief overview of the company, its technology and its facility.


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The M3iA is available with a single-axis wrist for high speed picking and kitting
or a three-axis wrist for improved flexibility.
Fanuc Robotics recently sold its 100,000th robot in the Americas, a milestone that underscores the importance of automation in leveling the playing field with low-cost overseas competitors, says company president Rick Schneider. The Genkotsu M3iA’s parallel link structure provides speed and dexterity, the company says—traits that make it ideal for use in buyer Schneider Packaging’s Brewerton, New York packaging equipment manufacturing operation.
Developed to automate tasks that could not be performed by traditional serial-link or scara robots, this relatively new model represents just one example of how far robotic technology has come during the past few decades. Today’s robots can even see and touch in ways that, to a layperson, might seem analogous to human senses, even to the point of distinguishing different shapes, colors and small differences in pressure.
Of course, this technology must be seen to be truly appreciated, but a trip to Fanuc Robotics’ Rochester Hills, Michigan plant might not be feasible. If that’s the case, take a look at this video instead. Produced by the city after a ceremony celebrating the 100,000th robot sale, the clip provides a brief overview of the company, its technology and its facility.