A Sampling of Machining Tips

One shop uses cardboard as its tool layout template.


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One shop uses cardboard as its tool layout template. Cardboard not only serves the purpose, but it’s easier to alter than one made of wood, for example.

Lollipops make for good workholding devices. Used finishing cutters are still useful. Prototyping offers production benefits. High speed machining doesn’t need spindle speed.

Shop visits allow me and our other editors to learn about such creative tricks machinists have developed in their efforts to become more efficient and effective. Sometimes, though, those tidbits aren’t necessarily central to the theme of our story. So we’ve surgically sliced a few such tips from recent stories to shine a light on them.

Here is that assortment of machining tips from shops that have been profiled in Modern Machine Shop. If you have a tip or trick you’d like to share, e-mail me and let me know about it.