A Shop That’s Expanding

A shop I profiled a few years ago is embarking on a $17 million expansion near its Indiana headquarters.


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Busche has a wealth of HMCs used to produce automotive and construction components.
In March, manufacturer Busche Enterprise Division Inc. unveiled plans to expand its operations in northeastern Indiana, possibly adding as many as 120 workers over the next few years. The company says it will spend about $17 million to buy, expand and equip a 36,000-square-foot factory near its headquarters in Albion, Indiana. Busche plans to start expansion work on the new plant this fall and start production there next year.

The company now has about 550 workers making castings and forgings that are used by companies that include John Deere and General Motors. I got the chance to visit Busche a few years ago and developed this article that explains how the production shop uses flexible machining centers, rather than dedicated equipment, and constantly reconfigures them into new cells for new jobs. I also was able to see its workholding division that specializes in custom hydraulic fixtures for VMCs and HMCs as well as four- and five-axis machines.