A Way to Save $80k

Using lean’s A3 problem-solving process, this manufacturer realized that magnetic workholding would enable it to save a good chunk of change.


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A3 reports have greatly improved the production efficiency of shears and other excavator add-ons at Genesis Attachments. An A3 report is a lean manufacturing tool used to identify and remedy root causes of production bottlenecks. It is so named because it constrains users to document a problem, an analysis, a corrective action and an action plan on one side of an A3-sized sheet of paper (measuring approximately 11 by 17 inches).

A recent A3 report revealed how a change in the way some parts were secured for machining would have a much more dramatic effect on streamlining the overall manufacturing process than simply enabling operators to get parts on and off machines faster. In fact, switching to new workholding devices—magnetic chucks—saved the company $80,000 per year in manufacturing costs. Learn more



Here is the original A3 report Genesis created that identifies the root cause of its machining department’s problem and provides an analysis, a corrective action and an action plan. 



Using magnetic workholding chucks eliminated the need to weld tabs on parts for conventional clamping (and then removing the tabs afterwards).