Applying Laser Technology Flexibly and Efficiently

This month’s curation of laser machining products showcases flexible and innovative machine designs for laser cutting, welding and marking.


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For Modern Machine Shop, laser machining encompasses cutting, welding and marking processes using a variety of equipment harnessing laser technology. The products we’ve curated into this month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight include systems for all these processes, some with modular features designed to boost flexibility and efficiently, like Coherent’s Highlight FL series. Others emphasize process adaptability, like the ELC 250 Duo laser welding machine from Emag, which offers two machining areas. Still others showcase interesting laser applications, such as the Walter Ewag Laser Line Ultra from United Grinding, whose ultra-short laser pulses safely vaporize material while creating tool edges.

Click the image above for a slideshow featuring these and other laser machining products, with links to more information.