Behind the Curtain

Turnout for Mitsubishi EDM’s open house last week indicated a high level of interest in the company’s new line of Wire EDMs. However, despite being introduced with less fanfare, a few other new product lines shed light on the company’s future direction.


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I had the privilege of being one of many faces in the crowd at last week’s Mitsubishi EDM open house, which was hosted at MC Machinery Systems’ facility in Wood Dale, Illinois. Emphasis on the “many”—the place was packed. One company representative estimated attendance to be close to 400, based on registration numbers and rough visual estimates of turnout.
Free lunch notwithstanding, the big draw was the company’s new MV series wire EDMs, which feature non-contact cylindrical drive technology as well as a number of other enhancements. This article from our April issue details the drive system, and a run-down of other notable features can be found here.

The MV series EDMs feature cylindrical linear shaft motors, a redesigned automatic wire rethreading system, an enhanced power supply and high-speed servo system communication, among other advances. 

The new wire machines weren’t the only products making their debut. Although the MW3X abrasive waterjet and the Diamond Cut line of three-axis VMCs might not have received the same high-profile, ceremonial unveiling as the EDM, they are significant additions in their own right, and not just for their capabilities. The waterjet is the company’s first entry-level production machine. Likewise, the Diamond Cut line is billed as an economical choice for “general milling” applications. While not unsophisticated by any means, these models are clearly aimed at different market segments than the company’s traditional offering of high-speed, high-accuracy Roku-Roku machining centers and DX series waterjets with taper control and other advanced functions.  

One of five different series of VMCs and drilling and tapping machines in the Diamond Cut general milling line, the DM series is said to excel in close-tolerance work and mold and die applications. Features include a 20,000-rpm, HSK-A63 spindle, a 32-position ATC, a Mitsubishi M720 CNC, linear scales, and roller guideways. 


The company says the cantilever-style MWX3 waterjet is well-suited for production environments and new waterjet users. Notable features include a Mitsubishi 720 CNC and a 60,000-psi KMT pump.


If you weren’t able to attend the open house yourself, rest assured there will be plenty of other opportunities to see the MV series and other product lines up close. Most notably, the company will exhibit at both MFG4 May 8-10 and at the IMTS show in September.