Calculation Accelerator

The Superbox (right) was introduced at an event yesterday.


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The Superbox (right) was introduced at an event yesterday.

The latest introduction from CAD/CAM company Cimatron isn't software--it's hardware to help use CAD/CAM more productively. The company describes its "Superbox," introduced in an announcement late Monday, as a calculation accelerator. A shop plugs in the Superbox device, which is automatically recognized by the Cimatron software. Calculations are then transfered to this device, leaving the programmer's own computer and software free to do other work while the calculation work proceeds. Various programmers can share the device, which Cimatron makes available to shops on a rental basis. Programmers in die and mold settings often have their attention divided among multiple jobs, the company says, and also are prone to being interrupted because of unexpected jobs needed urgently. The device enhances productivity in these cases, allowing work to proceed on one job even while the programmer temporarily shifts to another job.