3/30/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

CAM Software Plays Large Role in Reshoring Success

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Three specific software features of Edgecam by Vero Software have helped GSC Power Division successfully bring camshaft production in house.


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GSC Power Division makes precision parts such as this camshaft for European and Japanese sport compact cars. Three specific Edgecam features helped the company bring its production in house.

Even though the numbers can sometimes look fantastic on paper, the cost of offshoring can sneak up on manufacturers. For instance, GSC Power Division, a producer of performance-vehicle camshafts and valve-train components located in Landson, South Carolina, was waiting 12 to 15 months for camshaft castings produced by international foundries.

To grow his business, Mr. Caloudas decided to move all elements of camshaft production in house. However, the CAM software he initially chose underperformed on the shop floor. He soon switched to Edgecam by Vero Software, and was able to meet his production goals through the use of three main software features:

  1. Waveform roughing strategy: Reduced a 35-pound steel bar to 10 pounds in a short amount of time.
  2. Knowledge-based Strategy Manager: Enabled programmers to easily create repeated processes that can be used to save time on repetitive tasks.
  3. Advanced five-axis milling capabilities and cycles: Reduced cycle times and improved overall efficiency.

Ultimately, GSC Power Division was able to turn out parts quicker than ever before, and with higher qualities. Read the entire case study here.


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