Care and Maintenance of Toolholders

Worn or damaged toolholders can reduce tool life, degrade workpiece surface finish or harm the machine tool spindle. A downloadable guide from Techniks explains what operators should look for when evaluating the condition of a collet and nut-style toolholder.

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Collet and nut-style toolholders don’t have many components, but each one should be checked carefully for signs of wear or damage. 

Although it’s only five pages long, Techniks’ new Toolholder Care and Maintenance Guide packs a lot of good info about collet and nut-style toolholders. Clearly written and well illustrated, the guide should be recommended reading for both new and experienced operators. For example, the guide shows what fretting on a toolholder and scoring on a collet look like, so these signs can be detected in time to prevent trouble.
Some of the “recommendations” in the guide draw attention to Techniks’ own products, but there is no intrusive “salesiness” to detract from the well-presented technical content. I’m going to keep my printout of the guide handy to use as reference when I want to check basic toolholder terminology and concepts.

Techniks is a manufacturer of toolholders and accessories such as nuts, collets, retention knobs and many other toolholder and workholding products.  

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