2/22/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Compact Laser Texturing Machines for Small Parts

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Three- and five-axis laser texturing machines with a compact footprint are ideal for engraving or performing other surface treatments to micromachined workpieces.


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The LASER P 400U five-axis machine from GF Machining Solutions provides laser engraving texturing and structuring for small parts.


Smaller machines are increasing GF Machining Solutions’ line of laser texturing solutions with the LASER P 400 three-axis machine and P 400U five-axis machines. The machines provide laser engraving texturing and structuring for small parts, including cutting tools, small inserts and micromachined workpieces.

According to the company, the LASER 400 family offers repeatable, high performance accuracy and quality. The range’s fully digitized texturing process makes it easy to texture, mark, engrave and add functional texture to parts, molds and dies, even when dealing with complex 3D parts.

The modular concept of the LASER 400 family features a dual laser head that includes both a fiber nanosecond laser and femtosecond pulsed laser. This allows texturing and engraving of a surface with a single setup, as well as extends the range of materials that can be used.

With a footprint of 48.4" × 87.8", the LASER 400 machines are easy to incorporate into an existing production environment. The P 400 accommodates workpieces of up to 23.6" × 15.7" × 9.8”, while the P 400U accepts those with a maximum diameter and height of 4.7".

These machines are automation ready, allow for unattended night and weekend operation, and easily partner with a System 3R pallet changer to further boost efficiency.


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