CompositesWorld to Host Additive Composites Event at CAMX

The inaugural Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites, hosted by CompositesWorld and co-located with CAMX, will explore the connection between additive manufacturing and continuous fiber reinforcement.


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Fortify 3D parts

The future of 3D printing and additive manufacturing in a composites fabrication environment will depend on the technology’s ability to integrate continuous fiber reinforcement for production parts and provide high-quality, large-format structures for tooling.

Modern Machine Shop’s sister brands CompositesWorld and Additive Manufacturing will host an Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites at CAMX, the composites and advanced materials expo. The workshop takes place September 25, 2019, and will explore the evolution of 3D printing technology and fiber reinforcement. This half-day seminar will offer insight into the current state of the art in continuous fiber and large-format additive manufacturing (AM) and provide a glimpse of where and how these technologies are evolving to meet the needs of high-performance parts and structures.

“The use of fiber — whether carbon, glass or natural — is traditionally chopped, but several AM systems on the market or about to enter the market are applying continuous fiber, which opens the door to new applications and opportunities,” says Jeff Sloan, editor-in-chief of CompositesWorld and program director for the event. “This seminar will focus on those applications and opportunities.”

Presentations at the conference will represent the full scope of fiber-reinforced additive manufacturing, from the use of chopped carbon fiber in large-format systems used to build molds and tools, to the use of continuous fiber reinforcement to build discrete high-performance parts and structures.

Registration includes:

  • Access to all sessions at the Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites
  • Entry to CAMX
  • Refreshments during the event
  • Post-show proceedings

The conference will feature speakers from companies such as Ingersoll Machine Tools, Fortify 3D, CEAD Group, Orbital Composites, and Markforged.

The full agenda, registration and event details are available here.

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