Design the “Skin” for the IMTS Car

IMTS 2012 will run for six days (September 10-15) in Chicago. During that time, an automobile will be built from the ground up at the Emerging Technology Center. The prototype for this car will be touring the country ahead of the show—and could be wearing the decorative, graphic “skin” that you designed. A design competition for this skin starts February 7.


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The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) not only showcases manufacturing equipment and processes, but it also focuses on state-of-the-art and disruptive technologies likely to shape manufacturing in the years to come. These technologies will be featured in the show’s Emerging Technology Center (ETC). One section of the ETC will be devoted to collaborative manufacturing and will feature a live, on-site construction of an entire automobile.
The team that builds this car will be provided by Local Motors, a U.S. automaker organized around the principle of collaborative manufacturing. The design of this car, a version of the automaker’s Rally Fighter, represents the input of an open-source design community and will consist of components acquired directly from best-in-class suppliers around the country. The build team will work around the clock to start and finish the car during the six days of IMTS.

A completed Rally Fighter identical to the one under construction at the show will also be on display. To be built by Local Motors at its own micro-factory this spring, this car will travel to various events promoting IMTS until it arrives in Chicago in September. To give the IMTS community a taste of collaborative manufacturing in anticipation of the show, a competition is being held to design the graphic skin that will be applied to this pre-built car. The competition begins February 7. Participants will have two weeks to submit their ideas. Voting for the top three designs will begin on February 22. Among other prizes, the designer of the winning skin will receive $1,050.