More Than a Festive Open House Sets Gosiger Apart

Machine tool and accessories distributor Gosiger distinguishes itself from the competition through three main problem-solving outlets.


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As a visitor to Gosigerfest 2013, which was held in Dayton, Ohio, I had the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of vendors and have a little fun along the way. One of the main draws of the two-day event, aside from the German food and festivities, was the opportunity to meet with more than 50 vendors to discuss their expertise in bar feeders, CAD/CAM, coolant and high-pressure systems, inspection and tool monitoring, tooling, workholding, and finance. Entire exhibits halls were dedicated to Okuma and Hardinge demos.

As a machine tool and accessories distributor, Gosiger works to distinguish itself from its competition through three main problem-solving outlets.

- Engineered Systems: This division is responsible for providing shops with turnkey solutions—from machines to tools, including processes and documentation on how to run this process.

- Automation: According to the company, some shop owners assume that automation is complex and expensive. However, Gosiger says it works to create scalable automated systems that are very user friendly.

- High Volume: Gosiger’s high-volume team researches strategies used worldwide to bring speed, accuracy and reliability to a shop’s unique situation.


Gosiger's Dayton facility (top left and bottom right) was originally used by the Stoddard Motor Kit Company, which manufactured Maxwell automobiles (top right). A tribute to the facility's original use was demonstrated with a historic car show.

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