Everyone Has an Angle

Capturing a suitable shot for the cover of Modern Machine Shop usually involves finding the right angle. For our April issue, Gardner Publications artist Jeff Norgord was looking for the angle that conveyed both the size and depth of, well, a hole in the floor. The accompanying feature article has an angle, too—that this machine foundation had a special meaning for the whole company where it is installed.


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“What do I want to convey, and how can I convey it?” are questions every artist has to ask. In the case of the cover shot for the April issue of Modern Machine Shop, Gardner Business Media artist Jeff Norgord wanted to convey that the machine foundation installed at Metalex Manufacturing was not only very large, but also complex and precisely constructed. This meant trying out several vantage points, as well as having numerous shop employees in various places inside the foundation.
The angle that worked best involved using the shop’s scissors lift to get high enough for a dramatic look down into the expansive installation. The crew at Metalex was cooperative, helpful and patient during the photo shoot.

Finding the right angle or theme for this article also pivoted on the cooperation and patience of the Metalex employees who allowed me to interview them. One thing that became clear was that the culture at this job shop was unusually deep and solid—like the concrete foundation that is the subject of the cover. Read the whole article here