Getting Started with MTConnect

MTConnect is a standardized communication protocol designed to help shops and plants integrate every piece of shopfloor equipment into a manufacturing data system. A new "conductivity guide" explains how to start implementing MTConnect to improve productivity on the shop floor.


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Adam Wulfeck at Jet Machine uses an MTConnect-enabled machine monitoring system,
as explained in the October cover story. 

I've been writing a lot about MTConnect lately. (This factory-floor communication protocol was featured prominently in both the September and October issues of Modern Machine Shop.) According to the MTConnect Institute, interest in this standard is high because "MTConnect provides manufacturers with a simple and extensible mechanism to connect manufacturing equipment to software applications used to run their businesses."

The MTConnect Institute offers a free guide called “Getting Started with MTConnect—Conductivity Guide." This 37-page document is said to be "a valuable tool for anyone in manufacturing who believes that improving productivity starts with understanding what is happening on the shop floor." The guide does a good job of using simple language to explain key concepts about the protocol, define terms and illustrate typical implementations. It also includes an extensive glossary and several worksheets.

The release of the guide is especially timely. MC2, the first major conference dedicated to MTConnect, is scheduled for November 8-10 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Go here for conference details and registration. 

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