Grinder Features New Guideway Design

StuderGuide combines the advantages of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic guideways.


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Studer’s next-generation cylindrical grinder, the S41, is designed for precision, speed
and high metal removal rates in a broad range of applications.
The incorporation of linear drives for axis movement is just one feature that differentiates Studer’s S41 from other universal cylindrical grinders, says Hans Ueltschi, vice president of cylindrical division sales at United Grinding (Miamisburg, Ohio), which represents Studer in the United States. Although such systems are increasingly popular for other types of machine tools, and even more specialized grinders, they are rarely seen on general-use OD/ID models, he says. In part, that’s because applying linear drives to a grinder generally involves a different set of priorities than those of other types of machines.

In fact, those different priorities led Studer to design a new type of guideway system that ensures the S41 takes full advantage of the linear drives’ benefits. Called “StuderGuide,” this system is essentially a hybrid of hydrodynamic and hydrostatic guideways. Read this article to learn more.