If You Missed The MFG Meeting, Tune in to IMTSTV

Tune in to IMTSTV today at 12 p.m. ET to watch more news from The MFG (Manufacturing for Growth) meeting, and catch the latest headlines from around the metalworking industry.


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Tune in to IMTSTV TODAY at 12 p.m. ET to watch more news from The MFG (Manufacturing for Growth) meeting, which took place in Orlando, Florida, March 8 -11. If you can’t watch today, make sure to visit IMTS.com for the archived episode. Here’s what you’ll see:
— Reshoring Initiative: Bringing Manufacturing Back Home. Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, talks about the reshoring movement and the reasons why it makes good sense to bring manufacturing operations back to the United States.
— Champion Now: Changing the Public Perception of Manufacturing. Terry Iverson discusses the Champion Now movement, which works to change the public perception of manufacturing to help inform younger generations about the industry’s career opportunities.
— Local Motors: Building the First IMTS Car. Recently, some IMTS staffers went out to the Local Motors headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, to take part in building a Rally Fighter, the first-ever IMTS car. It’s a sneak preview of what’s to come at IMTS 2012 in the Emerging Technology Center.
— Industry News. This segment features a few business headlines for both the domestic and international manufacturing technology industry.
— My Show Planner: A Demo for Visitors. If you’re going to be a visitor at IMTS 2012, you’ll want to plan your visit using MyShow Planner, an interactive organizational tool. Jerry Gildea of Map Your Show gives an informative demonstration on how to use the planner and all the ways it can make your IMTS visit more efficient.
— Why Should You Be at IMTS? Doug Woods, president of AMT, talks about why it’s important to go to IMTS 2012.
— MFG Exhibitors: A Look Ahead to IMTS. Exhibitors from The MFG Meeting share their thoughts on the manufacturing industry and IMTS.