Introducing Mrs. Emily Probst

Exactly five years ago, Emily Tudor joined the staff of Modern Machine Shop. Now Emily has joined Jeff Probst as partner in the married life. Congratulations on both reasons to celebrate!


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Exactly five years ago this week, Emily Tudor joined the staff of Modern Machine Shop as Assistant Editor, a position she still ably fulfills, although Emily has steadily expanded her duties and contribution to the magazine and brand over the years. (Keeping these blogs appearing on a timely and orderly basis is one of those added responsibilities.)
A far more important event, however, is Emily’s marriage earlier this month to Jeff Probst, owner of Blooms & Berries Farm Market in Loveland, Ohio. Emily’s family is also involved in a similar business, Shaw Farms in Milford, Ohio. With much in common, Emily and Jeff seem to be well matched.

So we offer our heartiest congratulations on both occasions: To Emily on her fifth anniversary on the MMS editorial staff, and to Emily and Jeff on the start of their new life together in the bond of matrimony.