It’s the Cells and the Skills: May 2017 Digital Edition

The latest issue of Modern Machine Shop takes a hard look at manufacturing cells and the importance of the people running them, as well as a frank discussion of the ups and downs of machine tool consumption.


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The owners of Global Machine Works (GMW) are enthusiastic about the company’s emphasis on the cellular machining concept. “It’s the only way to go,” says Brad Stuczynski, one of the shop’s two co-owners. In his cover story for Modern Machine Shop’s May issue, Mark Albert points out that as soon as Mr. Stuczynski praises machining cells, he’s quick to “flesh out,” so to speak, the company’s core beliefs about its approach to aerospace production: “You absolutely have to have a top-notch workforce.” After all, GMW’s new flexible machining cell wouldn’t be the success it is if not for the skilled people who developed, implement and now manage its palletized fixturing system.

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