July 2017 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Turning

This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on a variety of lathes and turning equipment.

The slideshow above, based on our July print issue’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight, features turning machines, including high-production lathes, turn-mills and even training lathes.

Click through the slideshow for details, and follow the links for more information on each product.


  • The Buzz about the B Axis

    The rotating milling head is a defining feature on a turn-mill machine designed for efficient production of complex parts in low volumes.

  • Lean Manufacturing For The Job Shop

    Lean practices are not just for predictable production. Here are the common-sense ways this low-volume job shop has implemented a leaner process.

  • More Efficient Turbine Blade Milling

    Video shows a multitasking machine milling a turbine blade in a cycle that few machining centers could replicate.