June Machine Tool Sales Higher Than Last Year


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According to USMTO, there were 1,976 machine tool units sold in June. June 2011 saw 39.9 percent more machines sold than in June 2010. That makes the one-month rate of change for June the slowest rate of growth since March 2010. The 12-month rate of change, which has been higher than 80 percent for four straight months, is still at 81.2 percent. While the annual growth rate is still near all-time highs, it is going to slow down for the rest of the year. Even though the annual growth rate will slow, 2011 will end up close to 30 percent higher than 2010 in terms of units sold. This is quite amazing considering that 2010 was 64.0 percent above 2009. This is surely the two strongest back-to-back years of growth on record.

Dollar sales in June 2011 were 71.9 percent higher than dollar sales in June 2010. And, the annual rate of change, which has been north of 100 percent for six consecutive months, is still at 109.3 percent.