Key Industry Groups Announce Merger at MFG Meeting

AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology and AMTDA—The American Machine Tool Distributors Association have merged. Although benefits and advantages to members of both trade groups are cited as the reason for the merger, the entire manufacturing industry appears to be well-served by this development.


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A new logo has been created for the merged organization. It is based on a figure representing a mathematical Lissajous curve that is suggestive of a 3D knot.

AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology and AMTDA—The American Machine Tool Distributors Association announced the merger of the two trade organizations yesterday at the MFG Meeting (Manufacturing For Growth) in Orlando, Florida. AMT represents companies that develop and market machine tools and other manufacturing equipment. AMTDA represents companies involved in the distribution, implementation and support of machine tools and related equipment.
According to the news release issued by the combined organizations, the merger will integrate their products and services to create “a more powerful voice for the industry and unparalleled scope of benefits” for members. The larger importance of this merger to metalworking companies, production plants and job shops is indicated by quote from AMTDA Chairman Steve M. Wherry: “This merger is a logical evolution for the manufacturing technology industry.  We are uniting the entire manufacturing technology supply chain from engineering and building machines, to integrating automation and support, to distribution services, which will well serve the users of manufacturing technology for their future.”
Eugene R. Haffely Jr., Chairman of AMT, reinforced this aspect of end-user benefit, saying, “We are now a stronger, more complete organization, representing the entire value chain of the manufacturing technology industry. Most important, this will give our industry a more clarified and unified voice.”

Both Boards of Directors voted unanimously for the merger, which was approved by the membership of each organization. The MFG Meeting was chosen for the announcement because it represents a gathering of industry leaders from AMT, AMTDA, NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association) and PMA (Precision Metalforming Association). About 750 attendees participated in the event.