Komet Expands Service Network

My visit to a recently certified Cincinnati-area tool grinding shop revealed the advantages of this regional program for Komet’s customers and new service partners alike.


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Personnel from Tri-State Tool Grinding and Komet USA pose for a photo during a recent ceremony, barbecue and plant tour to celebrate Tri-State Tool Grinding’s inclusion in the Komet Service network.

Tri-State Tool Grinding’s own logo isn’t the only name on the new version of the company’s business cards—they now sport the Komet Service brand as well. The additional name reflects the cutting tool manufacturer’s recent signing of Tri-State as a licensed service partner, a role in which the Cincinnati, Ohio-based shop will provide tool refurbishment services as well as Komet-brand standard and made-to-order solid carbide tools for customers within a roughly 150-mile radius.

Given Tri-State’s close proximity to Modern Machine Shop’s Cincinnati-area office, the tool grinding specialist’s June 20 celebration in honor of this achievement proved a convenient occasion to learn more about the program and both companies. The event included a ceremony and plant tour, and barbecue from Montgomery Inn—a local staple—seemed perfect fare given that a prime goal of the service network is to provide services on a regional basis. For customers, this is a better alternative than shipping tools to the company’s Schaumburg, Illinois location or even to its headquarters in Germany, the company says. It adds that access to Komet drawings enables Komet Service Partners like Tri-State to provide reground tools that retain their original geometry and coating characteristics, as opposed to becoming mere commodities. This model reportedly works well in Europe, where 17 partners have been established thus far, and the company hopes to duplicate that success here by adding 26 different regional partners by 2015. Tri-State Tool Grinding is the third partner to be signed, and the company expects to announce 5 more by year’s end.

To ensure quality service, Komet requires partners to meet strict requirements prior to being signed. These include sufficiently sophisticated equipment (particularly for measurement), in-depth technical expertise, and ISO 9001 certification. Five of Tri-State's technicians also went through a rigorous training and are now certified by Komet to regrind tools and manufacture special tools. 

A brief plant tour revealed plans to install a new Genius universal tool measuring machine from Zoller (Ann Arbor, Michigan), and the company also recently purchased a new Walter Helitronic Vision tool grinder from United Grinding (Miamisburg, Ohio).


Tri-State’s most recent equipment purchase, a Walter Helitronic Vision tool grinder, is equipped with a 13-position wheel changer that reduces setup time and eases grinding of specially shaped flutes and other features that require multiple wheels.


Jim Dinkelacker, co-owner of the family-owned tool grinding shop, says joining the service network will bring in more business that will accelerate the company’s already significant growth (it is currently considering a move to a new, larger facility). Other benefits of the new agreement include marketing and technical support from Komet.  

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