5/19/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

Latest Science and Technology in Surface Finishing on Display at Sur/Fin

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Increasingly, machine shops are being asked to perform jobs that traditionally are out of their wheelhouse. In many cases, these jobs include surface finishing operations.


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Learning about the surface finishing industry can help your shop deal with increasing customer demands and provide operations beyond your shop’s traditional comfort zone. But how?

One opportunity to learn more about the surface finishing industry is to attend the National Association for Surface Finishing’s Sur/Fin Manufacturing and Technology Trade Show and Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, June 4-6.

The technical program features 83 presentations, including an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) panel discussion. Attendees will be exposed to new and existing surface finishing technology, and perhaps more importantly, will have access to the industry experts who are presenting.

“The opportunities for interaction are valuable for those looking to educate themselves on the latest trends in finishing or to assist in solving particular problems,” says Brad Durkin, chair of the NASF Technology Advisory Committee, which develops the technical tracks for Sur/Fin.

Nearly 100 submissions were received in response to the call for abstracts, and each was reviewed for best fit with an established session topic. From these submissions, it is obvious that there will be many new perspectives and input into the technical program that will make it more interesting and informative to our audience, Mr. Durkin says.

This year’s Automotive Track, “Performance Solutions Impacting Today and the Future,” represents a general overview of surface finishing topics including electro-mobility; light materials use; fasteners; galvanic corrosion; use of trivalent chromium deposits and rectifier ripple impact on performance; and a perspective on how to ensure consistent global quality in an OEM world.

The Advances in Surface Finishing (ASF) Track provides information regarding new technology. The NASF has defined an entire focus track on hard chromium developments, “Functional Chromium Technology,” which includes an overview talk on “Hard Chrome Plating in the Age of REACH—7 Years of Experience in Europe.”

Aerospace and Defense (A&D) sessions, although specifically focused on military or aircraft, are always a good draw at Sur/Fin. “A&D Innovating Performance Advancements” covers topics including brush plating; ionic liquids; surface finishing for additively manufactured parts; coatings and alloys for durable turbine engines; and anti-erosion. An update of the U.S. Department of Defense’s cadmium and hexavalent chromium strategy and roadmap will also be presented.

Fabrication of parts from low-weight materials continues to grow, and “Light Materials Treatments Optimizing Performance,” includes topics on processing titanium, magnesium and aluminum anodizing cast alloys; direct metallization of aluminum without the use of a zincate; and improvements in trivalent chromium passivation treatments.

More conference schedule information can be found here. Also, be sure to register for Sur/Fin today.