Measure Tools While Machines Are Cutting

For busy shops facing production constraints, presetters increase machining center capacity.


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For machining center users, what is the right place to measure tool dimensions?
Tool measurement devices within a machine’s workzone make it possible to measure each tool as part of the machining cycle. For long milling cycles, this can be an attractive automated solution. However, for shorter production cycles, measuring the tool this way can consume a noticeable portion of cycle time. Koma Precision president William Meo says that’s why production facilities often take tool measurement away from the machine tool, moving it to a standalone tool presetter instead. While measurement within the cycle cuts into available machining time, a tool presetter enables tool measurement to occur while the machines are cutting. As busy shops increasingly face capacity constraints, he says presetters are becoming more popular.

Koma Precision is now the exclusive North American supplier of tool presetters from Elbo Controlli. The presetter offerings include sophisticated tool inspection and management systems for large-volume tool cribs, but also include compact benchtop presetters for use right next to the machine tool. One set of features that is visibly common to all of the presetter models is a granite base and column for geometric stability. 

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