8/16/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Milltronics Keeps Its Focus

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A recent open house at Milltronics’ Waconia, Minnesota, headquarters shows that this machine tool supplier is concentrating on serving its best customers, which include job shops, start-up machining companies, toolrooms, tool and die houses, and other users who want flexible, capable and affordable machines for milling and turning applications.


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You could characterize Milltronics as a niche supplier of machine tools, but that might be misleading. The company provides machining centers and turning centers that cover a broad range, from toolroom and startup shop models to four-axis CNC mills and CNC slantbed lathes. Roughly, these machines can be grouped as "value" models (which the company would describe as affordable, yet capable) or "performance" models (which the company would describe as bigger, heavier, stronger models that are still competitively priced).

So what makes Milltronics a niche supplier? My impression from a visit to a recent open house at the company's headquarters in Waconia, Minnesota, is that Milltronics is devoted to a customer base that isn't looking for a supplier trying to be "all things to all shops." Rather, the customer base is looking for machines that fit the need, are supported by thorough service and sales engineering support, and offer a growth path. By growth path, I mean that customers can easily move up in machine type, size and capability within the Milltronics product range.

Joe Braun, the marketing manager who oversees Milltronics' sales strategy and brand positioning, explained that by knowing this customer base well, the company is able to better match it with the most attractive mix of machine features, workpiece capacity and control unit style—plus competitive pricing. As a result, Milltronics has a strong following among toolroom customers, start-up shops, job shops that want to grow by adding more machines, or shops moving up in CNC capability.

The photos above are a sample of machines on display at the company's open house and customer event, which followed a national dealer and distributor meeting at the Waconia headquarters at the end of July.

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