Modern Machine Shop Blog Goes Live


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Our audience is changing—seeking information across a growing range of media. We’re changing with them.

But our audience is also, in many ways, the same as ever. When we meet readers in person, the most common question they continue to ask is some variation of: “What have you seen lately?” The Modern Machine Shop editors get to see a lot of metalworking technology in action, and readers want intel.

This blog is our attempt to provide that intel in a more immediate way than we have been able to before. Frequent posts will describe (perhaps sometimes clumsily) just how our thinking about metalworking technology and business is being affected by the people we meet, the things we learn and the content we are developing for the magazine and the website. Staff members of Modern Machine Shop and MMS Online will post to this blog, and Production Machining magazine will check in from time to time, as well.

You should check in, too. One other promise we see in this blog is the opportunity to engage and hopefully hear from you directly. What is your reaction to any of the posts you read here? Email any of the contributors your thoughts—with your permission, we might share them. What have you seen lately?