New Video: Maximizing Cutter Life

A shop owner describes his simple approach to evaluating cutting tool performance and finding the best parameters.


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Doug Noxell says that when he gets a big job, he spends time testing tooling to determine how he can get “the best unattended, guaranteed tool life” when running that job.
Tool suppliers’ published speed and feed rate recommendations are fine, but factors such as setup rigidity and material variation will determine just what parameters are ideal in his particular process. To find those ideal parameters, Mr. Noxell evaluates tool wear as soon as that wear should typically start to appear.
“In the first 10 or 15 minutes,” he says, “you can get a lot of information.”
For example, if little or no wear can be seen after this amount of time, then the speed may be too low. Conversely, chipping on the cutting edge often indicates the feed rate is too high.

Any shop can optimize its own cutting tool performance, he says. In this new video from MMS Online contributor Todd Schuett, see Mr. Noxell describe his technique.